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How does stockphox work?

Using Stockphox for your stock photo needs is simple, you can start getting photos in just 3 easy steps:

1. Sign up - Register an account.

2. Prepay - Add credits to your account.

3. Download - Once your account has credits, you can start the downloading frenzy. Enjoy!

It's as easy as that. Presentation next week? Spice it up with stock photos. Project for school? Stockphox is moderately priced so even students can take advantage of stock photos! Making greeting cards? Invitations? Stock photos are no longer an exclusive club for big coorporations - anyone, home users or professionals can take advantage of StockPhox!

Why Prepay?

Due to credit card processing fees (and our low prices), we require minimum purchases of at least 5 credits at a time. Instead of making you choose 5 photos at once to check out, we give you the prepay option. Pay now, download... whenever you need them!

What happens if I disconnect, or a download doesn't finish correctly?

Don't worry if something goes wrong with your download. Each item you purchase is available for download (as many times as you'd like) up to 30 days after your purchase date.

Are Stockphox's photos royalty-free?

Yes, our photos are completely royalty-free. Pay once, yours for life. Stockphox provides you a large selection of photos that are completely royalty free, so you can download worry free!

Why are Stockphox's prices so low?

We feel that buying stock photos should be an easy experience. No more constant debating between two $400 photos, trying to imagine which would look best in your presentation - all of this from a 100 pixel thumbnail. At 99¢ a photo, you can afford to try them all!

Can I exchange my credits for cash refund?

No, you cannot - however, hold on to those credits, you never know when you'll need a stock photo!

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